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Developing Smart Fintech Policy

Clarifying Regulation

Regulators continue to issue guidance on how emerging technology fits into existing law.

We keep clients updated on regulatory developments and clarify what they may mean for the industry.

Advancing Innovation

While over regulation can stifle innovation, well-developed policy can help it flourish.

We educate regulators and lawmakers on fintech issues, dispelling myths along the way.

Data-Driven Strategy


and Analyzing

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Relevant Bills
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Government Publications

Extensive Data

DAA maintains an extensive searchable database of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related government publications.

Since early 2017, we have meticulously gathered, sored, and analyzed tens of thousands of relevant official documents.

Valuable Insights

We know which lawmakers and regulators are knowledgeable about the industry, and how lobbying efforts impact policy outcomes.

Using a historical analysis, we can see which issues result in legislative and regulatory action and how quickly government entities react.

Subject Matter Expertise

Digesting the Alphabet Soup


  • National Security
  • Financial Policy
  • Foreign Relations


  • ETPs/ETFs
  • Securities Offerings
  • Accredited Investor Rules


  • Bitcoin Futures Products
  • Assessing Commodity Status of a Coin/Token

State Legislatures

  • Banking Policy
  • Money Transmitter Licensing
  • State Taxes

Treasury Department

  • Taxation (IRS)
  • Illicit Finance (FinCEN)
  • Sanctions (OFAC)


DAA also keeps track of relevant case law in the U.S. and abroad.

Collaboration is Key

To ensure sensible regulations, we support working with regulators and lawmakers instead of against them.

Getting It Right, First

We favor the “ask permission not forgiveness” approach to regulation over the tech sector’s “move fast and break things” style.

Addressing The Issues

Our goal is to dispel myths, address regulator concerns, and answer hard questions about fintech’s former issues and current opportunities.

Above-Board Standards

As a matter of principle, we do not support non-compliant token offerings or using workarounds to skirt regulatory compliance.


As financial technology scales, governmental interest will continue to grow.

We support sensible, well-informed policy similar in scope to existing laws related to fiat currency and capital markets.


We are happy to help companies better understand fintech-related regulations and legislation.

To track relevant updates in fintech policy, follow Digital Asset Affairs’ founder on Twitter at @FintechRegs.

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