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Developing Smart Policy

Policy Upgrade

Government Affairs for the Digital Age

Focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related policy, DAA bridges the gap between regulators & industry players.

Crystal Clarity

Clarifying Regulation

Regulators continue to issue guidance on how cryptocurrency fits into existing law.

DAA informs companies about relevant updates and helps them understand what the changes may mean for the industry.

Reducing Risk

Advancing Innovation

Overregulation can stifle innovation. Instead, DAA advocates for smart policy to help it flourish.

DAA helps educate regulators and lawmakers about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, dispelling myths along the way.

Art and a Science

Data-Driven Strategy

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Relevant Bills


and Analyzing

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Government Publications

Extensive Data

DAA maintains the largest privately-owned database of government records about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Over the years, DAA has meticulously gathered, sored, and analyzed thousands of relevant documents, assessing each record for sentiment analysis, favorability, and more.

Valuable Insignts

DAA knows which lawmakers and regulators are knowledgeable about the industry and how lobbying efforts affect policy outcomes.

Using a historical analysis, DAA can see which issues result in government action and how long it takes for the government to act.

Tackling the Alphabet Soup

Subject Matter Expertise

From public policy to regulation, DAA covers it all.


  • National Security
  • Financial Policy
  • Foreign Relations


  • ETPs/ETFs
  • Securities Offerings
  • Accredited Investor Rules


  • Bitcoin Futures Exchange
  • Assessing Commodity Status of a Coin/Token

State Legislatures

  • Banking Policy
  • Money Transmitter Licensing
  • State Taxes

Treasury Department

  • Taxation (IRS)
  • Illicit Finance (FinCEN)
  • Sanctions (OFAC)



Collaboration is Key

To ensure sensible regulations, DAA supports working with regulators and lawmakers instead of against them.

Getting It Right First

DAA favors the “ask permission not forgiveness” approach to regulation instead of the typical “move fast and break things” style.

Addressing The Issues

DAA’s goal is to dispel myths, address regulator concerns, and answer hard questions about cryptocurrency’s rocky past and current potential.

Above Board Standards

As a matter of principle, DAA does not support non-compliant ICOs, skimpy compliance standards, or skirting the law. 

Mission-Driven Actions

What We Support

As this technology scales, governmental interest will continue to grow.

DAA supports sensible, well-informed policy similar in scope to existing laws related to fiat currency and capital markets.

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